Autumn Potted Flowers & Plants

October 2, 2017 8:51 am

House decorated with pumpkins. New England. USAIn case you haven’t spied the pumpkins and gourds popping up around town, everyone is falling for fall! Autumn colors make for lovely, seasonable flowers and plant arrangements. Now is an excellent time to decorate your front porch or steps with vivid autumn container gardens. Begin with a trip to your local nursery or home improvement store and ask for hardy plants that are appropriate for seasonal changes ahead.

Pansies, ornamental kale, cabbage, violas, and mums are delightful fall flowers that you can use to fill out your containers. Keep in mind that kale will grow quickly once planted, so it’s best to leave space around it. Dwarf variety asters will spill over pots to add depth, and snapdragons are great autumn plants to heighten your arrangements. There are many herbs that will grow in the fall and mild winter weather as well, including parsley, sage, rosemary, and lavender. View more herbs for fall and winter here.

Add interest to your containers by including small pumpkins and miniature gourds. For more fall plants that will add color to your garden, click here. Choose containers that will enhance the color theme, or stick with classics like terra cotta or black. Try clustering different shapes and heights in threes, or plant a single pot with a few different kinds of plants.

Here are two colorful autumn container garden ideas:

  1. Pile on the pumpkins and place potted mums into decorative containers. Mums come in several vibrant autumn colors and require little maintenance. By stacking pumpkins and mini gourds in and around the containers, you can create the perfect, easy fall arrangement!
  2. Another creative mum and pumpkin combination is to carve out a mumkin! Cut off the top and scrape out the fillings of a pumpkin, then place a potted mum inside. You can also fill smaller gourds with containers of pansies using the same process to complement.

For a tutorial on creating a beautiful fall container garden, watch the video below.